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Mediation is a way to resolve conflict without submitting the matter to a judge, jury, or other fact finder and decision maker. Mediation provides a voluntary, confidential, impartial, and nonthreatening environment for the parties. In that environment they can express differences and seek common ground for resolution of their problems. Mediation can benefit those involved in almost any kind of dispute. It is often used in matters involving Divorce and Family Law, Child Custody, Estate and Probate Issues, Family Disagreements and Elder Law Issues.

Mediation is voluntary and relies upon the resolve of the parties to reach an agreement throughout the process. For that reason, not all individual cases are appropriate for mediation. Either party may withdraw from the process at any time, or the Mediator can terminate the process if he feels that they are at a point where it appears impossible to move any closer to resolution, that he can no longer be effective, or that one or more of the parties is not following the ground rules or is abusing the process and not acting in good faith.

A Mediator is not an attorney. There is no requirement that a mediator be a practicing attorney. Although Attorney Peterson can bring his experience and knowledge to the process, the Mediator’s role is not to represent anyone involved, or to give legal advice, but to serve as a listener and facilitator to assist the parties in attempting to arrive at solutions to their problems. Although the parties need not have their own attorneys to participate in mediation, it is sometimes recommended that the parties do obtain their own attorneys, if they wish, to advise them and explain their legal rights and review any written agreement that may result, especially where the issues are complex and there is much at stake. Attorneys for the parties are not usually invited to participate in the meetings,

Because Mediation is completely voluntary on the part of the parties as well as the Mediator, there can be no guarantee that the process will successfully conclude in a successful resolution of all or even any of the problems involved. However, even if the process is not fruitful from that standpoint, some parties may come away from it with a better understanding of themselves, the other parties involved as well as the problems in which they are entangled.

Attorney Peterson is an attentive, knowledgeable and resourceful private mediator who can help you resolve issues through the mediation process.

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